The Struggle: Forrest Gump in Vietnam War

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Forrest, Forrest Gump is just a common simple man with a very low IQ but has very outstanding intentions. Forrest is practically running all too fast through his childhood with his only and best friend Jenny. His mother taught him the way of life and leaves Forrest with the decision to choose his own destiny. Gump joins the army to fight in the service of the Vietnam battle. While enlisted he find new friends called Dan and Bubba, he wins lots of medals, helps create the smiley face, conducts a famous shrimp boat business, helps inspire several people to jog around the world, starts a pong-pong craze, donates to people, and even meets the president several times. However this is highly irrelevant to Gump who most of the time only thinks about his one and only childhood sweetheart Jenny. She has a major impact on Forrest and his train of thought tries to follow her but you never see him run after her all the times she leaves him alone. He has captured lots of fame but his most one true love has continuously eluded him. This is a story of a man that just does what he wants to do because he knows it’s not a wrong choice to make. If someone needed something he would be the guy you could talk into doing something that they didn’t want to do. The problem with Forrest is that he is far too stupid to realize the significance of his actions. Gump becomes a representative of the baby boomer generation having walked through his life blindly. In this movie there are many social concepts that would better help the life of Forrest Gump and his differences from others Forrest was disadvantaged with a lower IQ, and a crippling spine condition which forced Forrest to have many struggles through his childhood in the small town of Greenbow, Alabama. Since he had mental disabilities he was the victim of academic discrimination. His mother tried desperately to resolve Forrest from being singled out. In the film she states “he might be a bit on the slow side, but my boy Forrest is...
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