The Struggle for the Land, Life, and Rights of the Filipino Farmers

Topics: Populism, Human rights, President Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: September 12, 2010
Unfairness and injustice was clearly implemented. Paper work means nothing considering the documents and legalized papers could not be put to use. What the farm workers want is not mere paper, but the actual shares of the land as legalized in the documents! What the government should probably implement in this country is justice instead of favoritism and corruption! We all have the right to have our shares as agreed on, and we all have the right to live. Thus, being the new president of the Philippines, the current situation in Hacienda Luisita offers Noynoy an opportunity to break the cycle of abuse the farm workers have been experiencing for more than half a century and correct the historical injustice his family has committed against them. He should not let this chance go to waste. As president, Noynoy has the power to put a stop to the unfair treatment of farm workers in HLI, as well as to uplift the farm workers from their miserable condition. Allowing the compromise agreement to be the answer to the land dispute is like sealing the deal for farmers to experience another round in the cycle of abuse. It reflects Noynoy’s failure to recognize the real roots of the problem, and thus, opens the possibility for another bloodbath to happen like the HLI massacre. He should bear in mind that he is not ‘Noynoy the landlord’ anymore; he is now ‘Noynoy the president,’ the person who took an oath not very long ago to always put people first before himself, duty before personal interest.
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