The Structure of a Snowboard

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Ryland West
Ms. Struthers
October 29, 2012
English 12 Period 3
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The Structure of a Snowboard
Imagine yourself as a snurfer. Your barreling down a snow covered hill with two skis glued together, no bindings, and a great deal of luck. Snurfing was the beginning of what is known as snowboarding. It is a sport that like many others has advanced through the bravery and enthusiasm of athletes, but has also relied equally on advances in the gear used. Many people think that snowboards are just planks of wood with bindings on them. Those people are very wrong. There are a lot of components that make up a snowboard - the materials used, shape of the board, and the edges. These components are all used to achieve one thing, to make snowboarding easier to ride in different terrains. The main part of a snowboard is its shape, or its camber. From the beginning of snowboarding, snowboards have always been made with traditional camber. The shape of a traditional camber is, “A mellow convex rise from the contact points of the tip and tail inward with an apex at the midpoint” (Gavelda).What Transworld is trying to explain is, the board rises in the middle, and gets lower towards the end of the board. The board is almost shaped like a stretched out “w.” This shape is what gives the rider control. “The structural resiliency that is camber can't be beat at speed on hardpack. Camber will always track straight, will always power you out of a turn, and it will always be there for you - just like that girl you dumped who you're still kicking yourself about” (Camber Comparison). Because of the shape, traditional camber boards are meant for all around mountain riding. With this style of board, you can ride almost anywhere on the mountain with a low possibility of catching an edge. Catching an edge is when the board unexpectedly digs into the snow, coming to an abrupt halt and throwing the rider on their face. Traditional camber boards are a classic style of...
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