The Structure of Greek Drama

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  • Published : May 11, 2006
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The Structure of Greek Drama

The history of the theatre comes from many different places: France, England, and even Rome. One of the key areas in which a lot of drama today is based on, is the Greek theatre. Some of the greatest comedies and tragedies in the theatrical world come from ancient greek literature. Greek Theatre set the trend for comedies and tragedies for years to follow.

One of the most commonly reproduced areas of greek drama would have to be tragic drama. A greek tragedy will always inculde a hero or heroine. The hero or heroine will normally be a person of royalty or high standing. First comes a tragic circumstance. Something unexpected and complicated will happen to the hero or heroine, and they will seem trapped. Following that is tragic irretrievability, when it essentially becomes a lose-lose situation for the hero or heroine no matter what they do. Finally you will have the acceptance of responsibility, where the hero or heroine take responsibility for his or her actions, and do whatever is necessary to make things right, without compromise. This is the traditional structure of greek tragedy that has been duplicated countlessly throughout the history of theatre.

Another important area of greek drama would have to be the comedy. A major principle of greek comedy is the suspension of natural laws. Things that happen do not have the same consequences that they would in day to day life. The normal pain and suffering of certain actions are not relevant in comedy, because of the lighthearted atmosphere of the play. Another principle of comedy would be contrast between social order and the individual. This makes it seem as though society is the one that is messed up, and not the indidvidual. Also, you have the development of the comic premise, which is not possible without the suspension of natural laws. It turns what we know to be true in society completely around and be the basis for many things such as comedic dialogue, comedic...
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