The Strict Evaluator

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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The Strict Evaluator
Samuel Icasiano is upset about his recent performance review. Samuel has worked for Reyes Enterprises for 12 years. For the first nine years, Samuel’s job performance was consistently rated outstanding. However, for the past three years, Samuel’s performance has been rated only a little above average. According to Samuel, his performance review scores have been low during the past three years because his supervisor gives unreasonably low ratings. Marissa Andres was assigned as Samuel’s supervisor three years ago. Marissa says that she tries to evaluate her subordinates objectively and she refuses to change Samuel’s ratings. Samuel claims that any other supervisor would have evaluated him at least 10 points higher. He feels very disappointed about his low evaluation because he knows it will mean a minimal pay increase and that it will hurt his chances of promotion. 1) Why do most people expect higher evaluations than they receive? * Most people expect higher evaluation than they receive because they think that the efforts they do is much enough than anticipated. And in fact Samuel could argue with that because so many things go wrong with evaluations, that the amount of work they generate is nearly endless. 2) What is wrong with this performance evaluation process and what can be done to prove it? * “Marissa says that she tries to evaluate her subordinates objectively and she refuses to change Samuel’s ratings.” She shouldn’t say “try” she “must” evaluate objectively. * The process to produce a performance evaluation should be a collaborative effort undertaken by the leader and subordinate. For example, when an employee makes a meaningful contribution to the organization, he/she and his manager should attempt to annotate that instance. 3) If Samuel and Marissa were members of different religious groups, how could problems with performance appraisal process be separated from allegations of discrimination? * Religion...
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