The Street of Purple Cloth Essay.

Topics: Poetry, Stanza, Meter Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: October 1, 2012
“The Street Of Purple Cloth” By Karen Conally.
This poem is about a woman that went on a journey , and found herself in the process . In the first couple of stanzas is where she starts her journey and gets lost but then she finds herself and that she found out where home is, home is where you make it. In the saying of “She has lost her way in the street”, means that she is lost, then this saying “For the first time, She understands the words means that she found herself and home.

There are many ways to look at a structure of a poem. This poem has a very emotional impact on the reader that understands the first time they read it, It is a very deep emotional poem for Karen. This poem has four stanzas, and each contains six lines except the second stanza which has eight lines, but there is the third that has seven lines, but it verys. The poet of this poem has lots of punctuation in the poem, having the poem have the enhanced pauses which make it very special.

There is no rhythm in this poem at all. The type of poem this is is a Blank verse because there is no rhythm or rhyme. There is no rhythm to this poem, because I don’t see it, and because I have no sense to find it.

Rhyme is the repetition of similar sounds, it is usually identified with lowercase letters, and a new letter is used to identify each new end sound. This poem has a very hard structure to get, it is a six stanza poem that is very complex with feelings and adventures. “Of purple cloth and copper skin” purple is the colour of royalty. She is journeying in the world at large lost in the royal city and describing the images and their effects on her inner spirit. The journey ends with enlightenment in the countryside where encounters nature and other wonderful things.

Figurative language is used in the meanings of words are not literal and literary devices are appropriate to literature rather than everyday speech or writing. This poem is one of those poems that catches your eye, and...
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