The Strategic Planning Process of Attero Recycling

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The Strategic Planning Process of Attero Recycling.
Attero Recycling works towards their mission, that are to become the leader in recycling e-waste and always ensure a sustainable future through eco-friendly disposal and recycling of end of life electronics by offering customized solutions for e-waste management, asset recovery and reverse logistics.

Attero recycling forms competitive positioning by differentiate their offering and create value for the e-waste market. Attero recycling focus on three key elements in proving value at the highest level: operational excellence, product leadership and customer intimacy.

Attero recycling has an objective of providing an environmentally friendly solution to the problem of e-waste.
Attero focus on operational excellence so they can continually offer the lowest price in the market. For example, Attero recycling patented a new machine that will dramatically lowers their recycling cost. By decrease the usage of resources while producing more volume at a lower cost. It's a key driver of Attero recycling long-term strategy, and their positioning eventually reflects it. Frequent research has been done with the collaboration with Roorkee university students and US company, in enhancing Attero fully automated facility for e-waste recycling.

In the recycling market, customer care the most about the quality, they wanted the best product. Attero is completely dedicated in working on products improvements. End products of e-waste recycling process, is enhanced. Only pure products extracted from scrap are wanted. Attero also aware of what the competitors are doing and completely focused on and staying one step ahead in order to capture a greater share of their market. This lead Attero to be the first E-waste recycling company, that partner with company such as TATA, LG and KPMG. Collect electronic gadgets that have flaws in it, repaired it and enhance their life span. Lastly, re-sell it at a lower price to those who...
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