The Strategic Approach of Human Resource Management

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  • Published : March 23, 2011
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A Review

------The Strategic Approach of Human Resource Management

Name:Zhiwei Zhou

Student Number:2810808


2.Strategy-making in Human Resource Management3
2.1 Design School4
2.2 Dissenting voices5
Environmental School5
The Systemic Approach6
3.Employee Training and Management in SHRM7
3.1 Training Strategy Making7
The Training System Building.........................................................................7 The Training Gap9
3.2 Strategic Employee Management9
Performance Management9
Motivation Theory10
4.Difficulties and Barriers in SHRM11
Senior Management11
Cynicism and Bureaucracy11


To be sure,Human Resource Management(HRM) are necessary and effective tools for any kinds of enterprises and groups.But with the development of the economy and trade,enterprises are facing the increasingly complex conditions and have to make appropriate choices to achieve the strategic goals.Because of these reasons,how to relate the strategic intention and HRM together become a very important topic. At the end of the 1970s,Strategic Human Resource Management(SHRM) started to be treated as a specific research field and got enough attentions.In his book The Strategy Safari,Henry Mintzberg(1998) for the first time summarized the previous studies and classified the Strategic Human Resource Management into ten different schools.Then in 2000,Israel scholar Peter Bamberger put forward that the SHRM was influenced by two theories.And in 2001,Henka W.Volberda from Netherland brought up a different view,he and his team believed SHRM can be categorized into three schools. Even there were so many people tried to classify SHRM clearly,it is still a very complex subject.In this paper review,we are going to choose only three different fields about the SHRM to discuss : • The Strategy-making in HRM

• The Employee Training and Management in SHRM
• The Difficulties and Barriers in SHRM
and we will describe the main ideas,characteristics and analysis the differences from different people.

2.Strategy-making in Human Resource Management

When talking about the strategy-making of HRM,Mintzberg(1998) defined it as a process of the analysis and judgment of the conditions and situations of the firms,then formulating the best plan.This could be a hard work because most of us do not know from where and how to start.

2.1 Design School

In the history of SHRM planning,the Design School was regarded as a landmark achievement.They treat the process of SHRM planning as the subjective concept works.They advocated that the strategy formation should be thoughtful, rigorous.Meanwhile, the strategic plan should be concise clarity, easy to understand and convey, facilitate execution, inspection and the continuous improvement. In his book Strategy and Construction,Chandler(1962) pointed out that the formation of enterprise's organization structure must follow the change of enterprise's strategic needs.According to this view,Andrews,Christensen,Hamermesh,Bower and Porter in Harvard Policy textbook(1982) wrote that "Economic strategy will be seen as the match between qualifications and opportunity that positions a firm in its environment."And they believed that there are connections cannot be cut off among the organizations and the external environment. The core concept of the design school is the SWOP model.SWOP means Strength,Weakness,Opportunity and Threat.The model showed that,he most important element of forming a strategic plan is matching the external factors and organizational factors in one track.The model considerates from two aspects,Strength and Weakness show the internal conditions of the enterprises,Opportunity and Threat demonstrate the external environment.That means in the strategic planning, managers must clearly learn the advantages and disadvantages,they must fully...
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