The Stowaway

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The Stowaway
Was God’s decision by choosing the God-fearing righteous man, “Noah”, well thought out? Did Noah really know what he was doing? After reading the Julian Barnes, “The Stowaway”, I would believe it was telling a story from the woodworm’s point of view in the entire situation pertaining to God’s decision in appointing Noah to build an ark and having him chose who was worthy enough to be saved.

Noah was given a task from God, whom he never questions and does just as he is told, to build an ark out of wood and to conserve life by pairing two of the exact species and embark with them on the ark. Noah was very biased as to how he chose the animals and was careful to not over produce a vast amount of the same species classification. The way the story is told Noah seemed to be discriminatory toward many species and had no care for the preservation of the life of the animals. His only concern was to fulfill his duty to God and his own needs.

The way this story is told is very different from the biblical version which I was thought as a young child. The woodworm tells the story from a non-biblical perspective. Noah had no clue as to what he was appointed to do and how he would carry out his task. He had no previous nautical experience whatsoever. The woodworm made it seem as if Noah had no regard for leaving any species who did not benefit himself behind, and would not hesitate to salvage any animal. The woodworm says, “our species” meaning the human race changes and animals will always remain who they are from the time they are evolved until death. He says that humans’ change who we are and what he learned to expect from us is one moment we bark, then we meow, one moment we wish to be wild, and the next moment be tame. They knew with Noah they never knew what to expect from him. Many times humans can ignore what they want in life and chose what they want to remember. If we as a human race do not like whom we are or agree with our...
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