The Story of Zitkala-Sa

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  • Published : March 30, 2012
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The Indian way of life, is all about spirit and faith. Their whole culture is build up about it, and losing the spirit is the same as losing their status in the community. The story about the 8-year-old girl, Zitkala-Sa, is about how an Indian girl is leaving her mother, and follows the paleface missionaries to the East. Zitkala-Sa has always wanted to experience the East, with the big apple trees, and the lovely way of living, and even though her mother don’t believe in the palefaces’ promises, and is against, letting her daughter go to the East, she’s in the end letting her, even though she don’t like it. But the East is a lot different, compared to what she had believed, and after the first day, she sees that it wasn’t what she had expected. On day, she hears a rumor about the palefaces, wanting to cut off their long hair, and she decides to hide, because she wants to fight, instead of just letting them win.

The story is written by Zitkala-Sa, in a first person narrative, which is shown by her point of view. And because of that, we experience her development all through the story, because we are close to her, and her feelings. Therefore is the narrator reliable, because she is the person, the story is all about. There are three main characters in the story: Zitkala-Sa, the mother and the missionaries. Zitkala-Sa is a very curious child, which appears with her great desire to experience the new country. She is adventurous, and are easily carried away by the palefaces’ promises, and don’t believe in her mother’s words, about the white peoples lies. Zitkala-Sa’s mom is a protecting mom, who wants the best for her children. She is very caring, and knows that the palefaces are lying about the East, but because of her daughters big wish about going there, she lets her, because she don’t want to destroy Zitkala-Sa’s dream. The missionaries from the East, is on the outside nice and caring people, who wants the best for the Indian children, and wants...
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