The Story of Us

Topics: Marriage, Love, Husband Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: January 29, 2011
Reflection Paper – The Story of Us

The film “The Story of Us” that we have watched last week gave me the full of insights and learned how difficult a marriage could be. This movie was about the story of a couple married for about fifteen years and from their perfect marriage, it almost ends up to divorce. They have two children that through them they still pretend as good parents even if their relationship is not working anymore. They decided to send their children to a summer camp so they can start their trial separation before telling it to their kids. In the end, because they still love each other and also for the best of their children, they had chosen to be strong and set aside all the detestation and hatred from them.

People may engage into marriage thru various reasons. The majority of it is usually because of legal and social aspects. But the reality is that a person is not only associated to emotional or a feeling to someone but also it is the spiritual and religious aspects that lead to marriage. For me, a person who entered into a relationship with someone should be committed to the person he loved so the partnership between them will be strong and the marriage will be eternal. Marriage for me is not just a formal contract or agreement of two persons who love each other which is usually followed by a wedding ceremony. It is really important for me because it does not only show how relationship works but it is instituted and destined by God for the permanent relationship between a man and a woman. My point of view towards relationship to a good marriage is that it should not be developed according to our anticipation. With the conformity of a husband and wife that are married, they should not be separated and will stand for every hardship that they will encounter.

As shown in the movie, like what almost happened to Ben and Katie Jordan in the film was because of misunderstandings and the exchange of throbbing with each other....
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