The Story of Tom Brennan

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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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Explain how The Story of Tom Brennan and ONE other related text of your own choosing portray the consequences of moving into the world

Author J.C Burke and Rapper the Notorious B.I.G (Biggie) are able to portray the consequences of moving into the world. J.C burke composer of The story of Tom brennan explores the life of a family member dealing after their brother but his car into a tree killing 2 and injurying another and The Brennans families difficulties moving town. Biggie’s song Juicy was a song where the lyrics depict his journey to fame, he talks about his hardship leading up to celebrity status. These consequences are distinguished through the use of techniques composers have used. The story of Tom Brennan covers the life of Tom who has a brother who in a horrific car accident took the life of two and leaving his cousin in a wheelchair, from here on we see Tom develop and move into the world, but as a result of this there are consequences. In tom’s case the consequences are positive. Tom as part of his journey as he transitions into the world he gains a girlfriend, chrissie. His girlfriend is symbolic of Tom growing up and maturing, before the accident he never would have thought he’d “get a girl before his brother”, in this case Tom has grown since the accident, grown up and got himself a girlfriend with the use of symbolism we are able to identiy this is part of growing up as he is maturing as part of his transition into the world. Biggie’s song Juicy explores his time from young to where he was up until the time he wrote the song. The first verse explores his time as a kid and his dreams. “I used to read word up magazine salt’n’pepa and heavy D up in the limousine hanging picture on my wall every Saturday rap attack mr. Magic marley marl”. As a kid he looked up to all these rappers and his dream at young . His dream is symbolic of the start of his transition into the new world. As we hear out the song lyrics come up “Sold out seats to hear biggie...
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