The Story of Tom Brennan - Speech

Pages: 2 (843 words) Published: October 4, 2012
Good morning all. New aspects or experiences in life are unavoidable for all individuals in the story of “Tom Brennan”, by J.C. BURKE. The concept of new aspects is highlighted thoroughly throughout the book. Tom’s teenage years is a period of great agony and guilt as he is traumatized by the incident that occurred with Daniel and how it affected his life. During this phase he is also trying to find himself after the event that had changed his life forever. In this time he realises in life what is important to him, in this time he also moves out of his own segregated little world, into the larger and broader world. (1)| Similarly but in a more extreme scale, Eddie veder’s song “Last kiss” is an interpretation of a car crash under the influence of alcohol. The perceptions of the song are that, this man drives under the influence and kills his girlfriend. Veder’s use of realism and rhyming to depict the and to portray the severe consequences of killing a person, from your ignorant decisions, and then trying to move on and back into your original world after such a tragic accident. (2)| A significant line in The story of Tom Brennan “ … Daniels blue Falcon up on a side against a tree, the front tire spinning, everything I thought I knew about who I was and who the Brennans were changed forever”Tom who was an innocent victim witnessed this, his emotions were broad, he was feeling a huge amount of guilt as well as anguish and pain for what Daniel had caused. The shame that was brought upon Tom is evident when Mumbilli had turned their backs on not only Tom but the Brennan family, as they lived there, their whole life and the incident that Daniel caused had moved them out of their comfort zone.(3)| With the move to Coghill, and the use of colloquial language we get an idea that the change of communities is defiantly notable.A powerful notation used by Veder to display the authenticity of the car crash is when he sings, “The screaming' tires, the bustin' glass”....
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