The Story of the Haunted House

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There’s a house in the middle of town known for its eerie presence and dark past. They said that there was once a family who lived there. A small family of three, they were happy and contented with their simple wooden abode. But one fateful night, under the full moon, they became the fancy of a bunch of thieves and robbed their place apart. The family fought back to these thugs but they were gunned down and died on the spot. It was a bloody massacre for the husband and wife, yet their only daughter’s body was never found. Months have passed after the incident, and people started speaking of audacious claims, saying that they see glimpses of the couple’s daughter peering out from the window attic. Her cold luminating eyes frighten anyone who dares gaze at her image from the attic. The housekeeper, Mr. Belanair said that there is no one else other than him living on that house anymore. After the incident of the family, the house was holly entrusted to him due to his personal kinship ties to them. Such mysterious occurences and a taste of curiousity, three men, though boys rather than men, ventured inside the haunted house when the housekeeper went out of town for a week. Filled with excitement and youthfull vigor, they entered the residence in search for answers. Though they may have entered alive, the very next day their bodies was found lying on the floor, bloodied and terrified, their face had the horror etched on their faces when they met their end. The people started whispering of the young couple’s daughter’s spirit did this to them, her soul, still furious from the death of her parents, unleashed her wrath on to these poor boys. Terrified, no one else tried to enter the home again without Mr. Belanair’s guidance and to assure it, every night at the peek of the midnight you could see a faint silhouette of little girl staring out from the attic window, waiting, guarding for the next fool to enter her home.

“Stop scaring us in the middle of the day, Audrey!” I shoved her off from her table, making her throw the eerie flashlight she was using just awhile ago. “Seriously Nathan, what’s the matter with you?” She dusted off her skirt and looked at me with a disappointed look, “Could you at least try to act tough in front of the girls?” She pointed at the group of girls with me, whispering about something indecent if I might suspect, “It’s bad enough that everyone knows you’re a coward when it comes to ghost stories, but actually showing them that you are? No wonder you don’t have any girlfriend.” “Hey what does that have to do with anything?” I stood up and faced her off, “I just don’t want to listen to you yappering about some thing that doesn’t exist.” “Doesn’t exist?” She oogled me with suspicion, “Haven’t you heard of the news?” She took a weird looking notebook from inside her bag and flipped the pages, it took awhile then suddenly she shoved a page right in my face. “July 15, no more than two years from now, three boys was found dead inside the old haunted house that we are so fortunate to be living in its vicinity. Their bodies were found swamped in their own blood with terror in their eyes.” She explained it to me while I grabbed it away from her. Everybody else seems to be leaving us while I and Audrey duke it out into another conspiracy versus reality debates. Since it was lunch time, Audrey decided to tell us some ghost stories just for the knack of it. To set the mood, my classmates closed the windows and covered it with the curtains and locked the door so that no one else would ruin the fun. I only stayed because I know how much of a liar Audrey is when she got things rolling on her side. “There was never an account that their faces were covered in terror or anything close to it. You are only speculating through the rumors that spread out from the course of time the incident happened.” I rebutted her claim with some hard on facts. “But where do rumors come from hmm?” She started her defense, “From snippets of...
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