The Story of Sarah Hawthorne and Pier Morel

Topics: Hand, Theft, The Guard Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: November 28, 2006
Born of hollowbrook, was a brown hair, blue eyed beauty by the name of Sarah Hawthorne. Wealth was unheard of in hollowbrook as Miss Sarah grew up, certainly without wants and sometimes even needs. Sarah was known for her elegant style, and her luminous skirts that seemed to flow as though rivers through a spring meadow. Her culminating beauty was captivating and her knowledge, absolute. Yet she was the unpredictable. Sarah Hawthorne was a peasant. Growing up in hollowbrook, stealing food to feed her family was never seen as a crime for Sarah, it was the only way to survive. It as a hot august day when Sarah was off to find food for supper when the unthinkable took place.

Day in and day out, Sarah was the one that felt it was her responsibility to feed her family. Sarah took on the responsibility of feeding her family because she was the oldest of 6 children. While Sarah knew desolation was immoral, she also knew she had a family to take care of. One August day, Sarah set out to Florence to the Constantinople market in search of food. The cool weather would seen be approaching and Sarah usually liked to be ahead of things. And there it was. The perfect opportunity. Mr. Redding's fresh stand, vacant and alone. There was fish, pork, vegetables, fruit, bread & wine. Sarah quickly stuffed her barrel with meat & bread and bolted off. Suddenly, she heard a loud voice, the voice of a guard, yelling thief. And Sarah was stopped in her tracks. She couldn't believe this was happening. Thoughts raced her mind, sweat dripped from her hands. Guards quickly approached her, bounding her hands and spitting in her face.

Pier Morel watched from the north gates, as Sarah was humiliated and taken away. Pier grew up in hollowbrook with Miss. Hawthorne and was astonished to see such a sight. Pier Morel knew of why Sarah had been stealing food and felt it was not justified for Sarah to be punished without the truth being known. Pier followed behind, as Sarah was taken to the...
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