The Story of Princes Sweet

Topics: Prince, Tooth fairy, Wicked Witch of the West Pages: 4 (1134 words) Published: February 14, 2011
Joseph King
SOWK 130
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November 2, 2010
The Story of Princes Sweet

Once upon a time, in a Kingdom far far away, King Biscotti and Queen Pastries had a beautiful daughter named Princess Sweet. Princess Sweet possesses a beauty without equal. Many princes of the different lands truly admire her. In fact, Princess Sweet’s suitors are as many as her pearls and jewels.

However, many people are wondering why Princess Sweet is unhappy even if she already has all the wealth of the Earth to add to her incomparable beauty. No one among the Kingdom has ever seen her laughing or smiling. Princess Sweet barely speaks to people except for the King and the Queen. The princess has a secret that no one knows in the Kingdom. Princess Sweet was cursed by Witch Cavity when she was still three years old because the wicked witch was envious of her incomparable beauty.

Because of this, the wicked witch stole and destroyed the Princess’ 32 set of beautiful teeth and molars in order to make her ugly. Princess Sweet could hardly laugh or even smile after that sad incident. The Tooth Fairy cannot do anything about the curse of Witch Cavity since Princess Sweet is a girl who hardly cares about her oral hygiene. Princess Sweet loves to eat sweet cookies, chocolates and pastries but she does not like to brush her teeth regularly. Because of this, the black magic of the wicked witch becomes even stronger.

However, the princess can still find a solution to her problem as the Tooth Fairy. Since she cannot directly break the black magic of the wicked witch, she just reversed the curse and cast out a condition that will break the black spell. Princess Sweet’s 32 set of teeth and molars will come back and her sweet smile will again rise if, and only if, a true prince will kiss her despite the fact that she has no teeth at all.

But whenever a suitor of the princess knew that she has no teeth at all, the suitor does not come back anymore to see and kiss Princess...
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