The Story of Pete Carroll written in Win Forever

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Win Forever – Pete Carroll
Pete Carroll was one of the most successful head coaches in college football during his tenure at the University of Southern California. His charismatic, outgoing, and positive approach to everything he did defined who he was. In his book, Win Forever, Pete Carroll shares the growing pains and difficulties he faced throughout his career. The book takes us through Coach Carroll’s journey to success as a football coach and the philosophies he develops for life. He shares the methods he used early in his career and dissects what he did wrong and right. The highlight of the book is when he shares the success he achieved once he developed his philosophy for coaching and life. All of Pete Carroll’s ideas and vision have the same foundation: to do things better than they have ever been done before.

Win Forever highlights the difficulty of being a collegiate and professional coach in football. The struggles that Pete Carroll faces early in his career as an assistant at the University of the Pacific, to his first NFL coaching job with the New England Patriots showed me just how much hard work and dedication it takes to be an elite coach. Coach Carroll compares just how different his coaching career was before he developed his own unique philosophy that defined who he was at the core and after he discovered what made things click. Pete Carroll was probably fired as the head coach of the New York Jets because he lacked a strong foundation and vision. As a result, he was unable to win people over within the organization that his strategies would work. Pete also talks about how important it was to surround himself with reliable, trustworthy people to implement his philosophy. Not only did he expect the best from his assistants, he also wanted them to develop their own core values and ideas so they could grow as coaches and individuals. After Pete developed his own philosophy and was able to implement it into an organization, he had the most...
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