The Story of One Hour

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  • Published : October 11, 2011
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Kate Chopin’s the story of one hour depicts a women’s disillusion of newly gained freedom. After reading the story for the first time, the surprising ending fools everybody and many of us don’t think the whole story makes sense. However, after thinking about it over and over and have a look at the background, I get to know how this story makes sense. Therefore, I’ll explain my findings bit by bit. She was a lady with heart disease, and we know that from the very first line. It’s quite lucky she didn’t collapse at the point of knowing the bad news. Probably it was due to the great care taken by her sister and friends. So the story can go on and we also have it on our mind that her heart can fail her at any time. The sudden death afterwards was reasonable. After knowing her husband’s death, she cried herself into exhaustion. What she did was quite normal, and any of us could have done that way after knowing the death of our beloved ones. We all have no question about this part. Here comes the mystery and what confuses us most. What had happened when she locked herself in the room? The author uses much space on it. There are many details which make readers dull and impatient. Most of us would pass it over as fast as we can for it’s a torture when someone isn’t in the mood. “There stood, facing the open window, a comfortable, roomy armchair.” She decided to give it a break, and she looked through the window. The outside world wouldn’t change no matter what was happening to you. Moreover, it seemed that everybody had a life, of their own. The crying of the peddler and the notes of a distant song reached her gently, and the sky was blue all the way. Then, her mind began to wander. She found that the sudden death of her husband wasn’t that bad and she longed for freedom more than anything else. In old days, women were only affiliated to their families and husbands. Once married, there was no freedom at all. She might have loved her husband, but this love was...
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