The Story of Moses

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The Story of Moses
In the Bible, Moses is one of the most marvelous leaders. Growing up, Moses was always a great learner. Learning was one of his fantastic traits, which helped him to be a great leader. He stays true to the Lord, and obeys the tasks he is given, which perfectly displays his good, wholesome characteristics.

Moses’ story is very faithful. Pharaoh’s daughter found him as he was traversed down a river in a basket. As she found him, she took him as her own. Growing older, Moses caught the attention of God, as he was a significant leader. Moses was given the task to free the Jews as slaves, and from being trapped in the country, under the Egyptian King’s rule. At first, Moses was a bit reluctant, as he did not see how the Egyptian King would ever listen to him. God told Moses that he must explain to the King how God sent him on this mission, and he must obey. Moses agreed to take up the challenge, portraying Moses as an excellent leader of faith to God.

Moses led his people, the Jews, to attempt to convince Pharaoh, the King of Egypt, to let the Jews free. The Pharaoh however, would not listen and would not let them go. Moses however, did not give up and continued to lead his people to fight the King. Clearly, the King would not budge, and he continued to hold the Jews under his rule. Moses tried a new approach. The Lord instructed him to intimidate Pharaoh with a number of Plagues. Moses took his people and led them to the King again, and tried to make the King budge with these Plagues. Numerous times they tried, but Pharaoh would still not let the people go. Some of the plagues that they attempted were turning the Nile River into blood, infesting the Pharaoh and his people with nates, and creating a giant hill storm. None of these worked, until they finally tried a 10th one, the Death of the First Born. At midnight, all the firstborn in the land of Egypt were struck down by the Lord, such as the firstborn of Pharaoh who had...
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