The Story of Blima

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The Story Of Blima


A Holocaust Survivor was based on a true story. It tells the life of a young Jewish girl in Poland, between the years of 1936 and 1947. In that time there was a leader named Adolf Hitler and his party called the Nazis. They were rising to power in Europe. Blima had told herself that the Nazis had some plan up their sleeve. They had talked about it in the clubs, a plan for the country, the world. A plan which did not involve Jews.

In Poland in the year of 1936 much of Europe was in the grips of economic depression. A lot of people were out of work because they were on the loosing side of World War 1. To even make matters worse Adolf Hitlerhad made a suggestion that the reason for all of Europe problems was because of the Jews. At the time everybody went along because they were happy to have somebody to blame for their issues.

A young girl named Blima had lived though that and survived. At the time she was working with her aunt in a bakery. She hadn’t finish through school and didn’t have no kids nor married. She still was enjoying her life until one day when she was coming from her aunt bakery she was taken by the Nazis to a train where she’s boarded with many other women to be taken to a labor camp. There she is put to work, but finds comfort in German women there who watches and keeps all the Jews in line. They share a special bond but then Blima leaves and are brought to a new camp.

When Blima was home she had siblings to until she was taken and was going through this horror. But one day through that horror she had went to another camp were she she fined her sister-in-law and later reunites with her twin brother and younger brother than they were released by the British troops.

It mostly covers Blima's life before, during, and after the Holocaust. Catched off the street of her hometown by the Nazis, Blima was then put into a labor camp for the majority of the war. The...
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