The Stone Angel Plot Summary

Topics: Marriage, English-language films, Great Depression Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Plot Summary:
Hagar Shipley is an older woman who lives in western Canada with her son and his wife, Marvin and Doris.She starts to recall her life in Manawaka where she spent her childhood with family and friends. While the plot returns to present, her son Marvin and his wife Doris are trying to persuade Hagar selling their house and buying a smaller one. The proposal has been intensely rejected by Hagar, because she believes that the house is hers.Then, plot moves to the interview with the minister, Mr. Troy, however Hagar does not spend much time with him because she was suffering rib pain. Plot returns to her childhood while the interview finished, she recollects the memory while she backed to Manawaka from a young ladies academy in Toronto. She had conflict with her father when deciding her future because her father wanted Hagar to work with his company but Hagar wanted to become a school teacher.Finally, Hagar stayed in his father’s company as an accountant.At a dance, Hagar met Brampton Shipley who married with her. As a result, Hagar’s father removed the Hagar’s name from his will because of her marriage. Back to present, Hagar found out the information about the nursing house on newspaper and discovered that Marvin and Doris are planning to send her to there. Hagar was refractory while Marvin and Doris drove her to visit the nursing house. In there, Hagar recalled Bram’s business which is raising horses and Marvin’s birth. After visiting the nursing house, Hagar had a physical examination. As a result, the doctor suggested her to live in nursing house so that she can get better care. However, Hagar resisted the suggestion and still lived in her house. One day, Marvin tells Hagar that he booked a spot at nursing house so that Hagar has to move to there on Monday. Hagar was afraid and anger, therefore she planning to use her annuity for fleeing. At that time Hagar recalls the decision while she leaves Bram. Back to present, Hagar went to a place named...
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