The Stolen Party

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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The Stolen Party

In the Stolen Party the author, Liliana Heker, magnificently illustrates the theme of innocence and purity. More specifically innocence and purity of childhood is shown to be the invisible barriers of social classes in the society. Although the characters are similar, they are still separated by one gap and that is social classes. These themes are shown through diction and tone, mood, and symbolism. One way this theme of social barriers is emphasized is with the literary device of tone and diction. Liliana Heker describes how Rosaura felt through tone and diction: "Rosaura felt her arms stiffen stick close to her body and then she noticed her mother's hand on her shoulder." Rosaura thought she was going to get a gift bag, but instead she got money. Based on the quote the audience can see that she felt sad and disappointed. By the tone and diction of the author the audience gets a feeling that she felt disappointed and uncomfortable. From the key words" her arms stiffen stick close to her body." I infer that she feels like crying but she is holding it back. Another way the theme is emphasized is with the literary device of mood. The quote that demonstrates this literary device is when Ms. Inez says, "Thank you my little countess." Here Rosaura gets praised. Even though she got praised, it doesn't matter because later on the author uses the reader's emotion to make the reader feel angry with the words she used. The author also made Rosaura seem that she was beneath the other children. One more way the theme is emphasized is with the literary device of symbolism. When Rosaura arrives, Senora Inez says, "He's in the kitchen. But don’t

tell anyone, because it's a surprise." There is a comparison between the monkey and the magician with Senora Inez and Rosaura. The monkey and Rosaura are both "servants" and both Senora Inez and the magician are taking advantage of them. This is shown through symbolism. Innocence and purity is used throughout the...
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