The Steroid Effect in Professional Baseball

Topics: Roger Clemens, Testosterone, Major League Baseball Pages: 3 (1214 words) Published: December 1, 2010
Jon-Truman James
Professor Julia Reineman
English 1001
19 November 2010
The Steroid Effect in Professional Baseball
In past twenty years, steroids have become a huge problem in major league baseball. Many players were using them because they assumed there was no chance in being caught. In the last five years the league has decided to crack down on testing and really try to clean up baseball. A large number of players have tested positive, and the punishment is much worse than in past years. Steroids are harmful to the human body, they have changed baseball, and ruined player’s careers and reputations. Also, baseball has the strictest punishment for players who test positive for using steroids.

Anabolic steroids are defined as the synthetic version of the male hormone testosterone (Bathe, “The Controversy”). “They can exert strong effects on the human body that may be beneficial for athletic performance”(Hartgens and Kuipers, 514). When testosterone is supplemented with steroids, players have an increase of muscle mass, a reduction of body fat, and enhanced endurance (Bathe, “The Controversy”). “It is easier to understand why paid, professional athletes might partake in steroid use; keeping up with the competition, sustaining or improving abilities, salary incentives and endorsements based on performance are but a few reasons”(Petrocelli, Oberweis, and Petrocelli, 1187). Players believe they can hit the ball farther, throw it harder, and react quicker. Athletes who suffer serious injuries use steroids to recover faster so they can get back to playing. Players that use steroids for this reason are usually about to be cut and really need playing time so they can save their job. Steroids sound like they can do nothing but help, but there are several harmful side effects to using them. Physically they do enhance muscle, but steroids can cause liver failure, cancer, severe acne, excessive hair growth or loss, and testicular atrophy (shrinking) among...
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