The Statue Groups

Topics: Family, Ancient Egypt, Limestone Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: November 29, 2010
The Statue OF A Family Group

The Introduction to the World of Art What does that exactly mean? A piece of art usually has two components. The two components consist of form and content. Both components identify the ideal aspects of a particular image. While studying Egypt I was asked to visit the Brooklyn Museum of Art. After exploring the Egyptian Gallery I was able to identify the many different components to a particular exhibit. These components include size, measurement, design, text, and different tools, which were used to make this particular piece. In my exploration I Was able to identify why this sculpture was made, how it was used and now a representational of many different cultures groups and or races.

The reason for my visit to the museum is to select a piece of art, in the form of a sculpture, tomb text or design. The exhibit I chose to write about is a “Statue OF A Family Group” in circa 2371-2298 b.c. Often In society the different family groups consist of the father, mother and child. The father being the head, the mother being the foundation and the child which symbolizes the unit formed into one. Each family member plays an important role symbolizing the strength, weakness, and nurturer.

“The Family Group” sculpture was made out of Limestone. Limestone is a material that usually consists of mineral, sandstone, granite, or marble. Granite as well as limestone has to be split to obtain stone blocks that can be used for building purposes. Because granite is a crystalline rock and limestone a sedimentary rock the methods to do this differ in details. Any stone, that has fine cracks or break lines is unsuitable for building. Suitable is only the healthy stone, the stone which is intact in its natural state of composition and aggregation with its structure the way it was grown. This is the reason why working the stone with the help of fire, heat or cold will not result in a stone that can be used for building. Heat or cold...
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