The State of Development of Rural Green Tourism in Ukraine Literature Review

Topics: Tourism, Recreation and Sports, World Tourism Organization Pages: 12 (4310 words) Published: April 6, 2013
The literature review summarises what is, and is not, known about rural tourism in Ukraine and identifies a gap in the literature. In order to avoid a mere compilation of facts, the literature review presents contradictory views, along with their strong and weak points. The task is to find out and understand how different opinions overlap and interrelate concerning the problems faced by and the perspectives of development of green rural tourism. The literature review is organized as follows.

First of all, the main concept of ‘rural green tourism’ is defined and the view of different researchers are considered. Next, an overview of problems and perpectives of this kind of tourism in Ukraine is briefly presented. This overview includes the many views on the issue and suggests different directions of development of this branch of tourism. The preparation of the review revealed a large amount of literature and many aspects that cannot be considered within the limited space and time of the study. Therefore, the discussion is narrowed to focus on the definition of the rural green tourism in Ukraine, finding its problems and making predictions for its future development.

1.1What is green rural tourism?
In this part we review the types of tourism in Ukraine, ecotourism, rural green tourism, its definitions and features. Our paper is on rural green tourism in Ukraine, so our first task is to define which type of tourism it belongs to. The "Amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On tourism" does not give a clear classification of tourism types . However, in later regulations Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has made the basic division of tourism on the traditional (old) and alternative (new) types. The traditional types of tourism of Ukraine include recreation, health, medical, sports, hiking, climbing, cycling, skiing, motorcycling, sightseeing (Kyrylyuk, 2003). Most researchers attribute such tourism types to the alternative (non-traditional) types of tourism, as the rural green tourism, agrotourism, ecotourism, water, horseriding, extreme (adventure, rafting,diving, snowboarding, freeride, wakeboarding, flying balloons and gliders, cultural, scientific, nostalgic (ethnic), sociopolitical, space, and industrial tourism (Zablotska, 2005).

There has been a lot of scientific work devoted to the definition of eco-tourism and its types abroad and a large number of relevant conferences was held. In Ukraine not enough attention was payed to this issue up to the end of the twentieth century. However, during 2007-2010, there was a significant increase in demand from both domestic and foreign consumers, expanding the number of new holiday destinations in companies that provide services in this area. The new idea of "green consumerism" is becoming more powerful public "green" movement. Aspects of different types of tourism including alternative types have been studied by scientists of different countries as well as in Ukraine. It should be noted that the largest number of publications related to the type of tourism known as rural green tourism exists. Among recent publications in Ukraine are the released the tutorial "Rural Tourism" by Rutynskyy and Zinko, published in 2006. It provides the grounds for the theory of organization and operation of green rural tourism in Ukraine, it explains the basic concepts and discusses the development of this type of tourism. Among other researchers of green rural tourism tourism, it is necessary to mention the works of Getman, Horishevskyy, Vasiliev , and Zinko. The works on other types of alternative tourism we should mention Limansk, Aleksandrova, Osipova, Vavilov, Malskyy and Kiyak. Also, alternative types of tourism are mentioned in some legislation of Ukraine (Law of Ukraine “On torusim”) and resolutions of regional councils and Administrations. Let’s try to differentiate the terms – rural tourism, ecotourism and green tourism and establish the reasons for which in Ukraine a...
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