The State of Children Education in Pakistan

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  • Published: February 4, 2013
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The state of children education in Pakistan; situational analysis and future challenges By
Muhammad Haneeef
Faculty Member Dept of Social Sciences
University of Management & Technology, Lahore.
Protection of the rights of children constitutes a significant aspect of the responsibilities of the State. As a major helpless section of the society, children rely on the State for ensuring that a reliable, capable and approachable institutional structure exists for perpetuation of their rights. Within the perspective of children rights, there is an array of institutions liable for addressing and ensuring children’s rights. Education is the fundamental right of every child on it rests the development of the nation. The state of children education in Pakistan thus presents a very miserable picture. South Asia is illiterate region in the world and Pakistan is most illiterate country in the region. Only 56% children are enrolled in primary school. The Govt of Pakistan has taken some imitative for the children education. But situation is still dismal. The paper will analyze the status of the children education in Pakistan and will explore the problems and prospectus regarding future challenges of their rights. Child is father of man (proverb). They deserve our attention and allocation of resources for their better and protected future. Key words: Children, Education, Human rights.

The development of the any society is measured through the education of the society. The world developed societies are developed due to their education system. Education is play pivotal role for making the man from biological being to social being. It is a well known and most effective tool for socialization of human beings. Education is software which plays a significant role in personality development. The right of children to receive an education is enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The 18th...
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