The Start of a New Beginning

Topics: High school, Family Pages: 3 (1391 words) Published: January 25, 2011
As children we all dream. We dream about maybe becoming a lawyer, a doctor, or even a mommy or a daddy one day. Those dreams sometimes seem attainable and we think about them every single day thinking that each dream has its order and eventually they become goals in our everyday lives. However, there are times when one obstacle gets in the way of a certain goal and we must change our way. Like many others in my High School, I planned to attend college after high school, I even thought about going to the navy after graduation. However, the course of life had a different plan for me. I had gotten pregnant my senior year and that change everything in my future because that was not the first goal I planned to accomplish. In this paper, I will present a brief description of a few of my life experiences. Even though I am now an adult, my family has influenced my life; the start of my own family has influenced my personal goals and achievements. I currently live in Greenville, MS, but I was born in Scott, Ms. My family moved to Greenville when I was seven months old. Greenville is not a large city but it is my home. Greenville is located on the eastern bank of Lake Ferguson, an oxbow lake left from an old channel of the Mississippi River. We have two floating casinos that are located on the lake near the downtown area, with a third just west of the city near the Greenville Bridge. My family was very small. My parents have been married for 35 years and I would say we are very close. I only had one sibling and that was my older sister, who passed in 2005. My mom was very sweet and always over protective. She was not the type that liked to party but when she did decide to go out, she would take me and my sister over to my auntie house until she came back. She never would let us stay overnight though. My father on the other hand was the going out type. He partied every weekend. I can remember those late nights he would come home and wake us up because he would have...
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