The Standard of Public Speaking Among Politicians

Topics: Public speaking, Iraq War, Rhetoric Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: November 19, 2011
The standard of public speaking among politicians.
During the last 35 years, from The Transition era to the most recent talk shows, oratory has been the most powerful recourse used by politicians in order to charm the electorate. I would go so far as to say that we have enjoyed quite a few truly notable political speeches through these years as a result of having some distinguished politicians among us. As a matter of fact, the nomination to important posts abroad has been a reliable barometer of this prestige. Despite our national politicians’ highlights, I can hardly choke back a bitter feeling of disappointment towards our leaders and politicians’ speech in general, which sometimes seems made by an armchair politician. Even though the eloquence of their rhetoric, in the end, if you analyze the whole discourse, almost all of them are empty words. Instead of proposing some fresh new ideas, they just tend to “knock out” their “foe”, by throwing mud at him, in some kind of political maneuvering only to gain the audience’s opinion. In fact, sometimes is quite difficult to evaluate whether a politician is a good speaker or not due to the strong smear campaign set up by his opponent. Ironically, conservative parties adopt a progressive position while they are in the Opposition benches, which is a credibility gap, and vice versa. Furthermore, during an interview they hardly ever answer to the interviewer’s questions, specially to the awkward ones, trying to avoid them answering whatever they want, playing at politics. So, to make a long story short, politicians are people with a special gift for doing an awesome speech in front of an audience or a camera which content usually is very poor. According to the increasing rate of non-participation, more and more people seem to be disenchanted with political oratory, which makes me be worried about what expect us, at this pace, in the long run. Finally, due to recent facts such as The Iraq War, Kyoto disagreements or the...
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