The Squire

Topics: The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer, Love Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: April 30, 2013
The Squire
During the time of Middle English, love and romance was a very common theme for many stories and poems. The Squire, a well-dressed and proper man traveling around with the other pilgrims, shares a tale that is romantic with a twist of magic within the story. His tale may be what he hopes to one day gain in his future instead of carrying the reputation he has now throughout the rest of his life; or so that is what it seems like. In the Canterbury Tales, written by Geoffrey Chaucer, we are introduced to a character that seems to know a lot about love and romance. Also the son of a high ranking Knight “a fine young Squire, / a lover and cadet, a lad of fire.” (General Prologue, 81-83). He is described as a very handsome, young 20 year old man but he does not have just one true love rather he has been with quite a few women in his time so far. He carries the reputation of a man who sleeps around with many women and “he slept as little as a nightingale” ( General Prologue 100) meaning that he would spend all night long with the multiple lovers on different nights until the morning sun rose. Besides being described as a guy who got around a lot, he was a very loyal cadet to his father and serviceable about his duty. As a soldier in training he has traveled around the land with his father and has

witnessed a lot of magical moments in his life already and so he shares a tale about a knight who tries to win over a king’s daughter. The tale that he shares with the other pilgrims seems to be the opposite of whom he is. In part one of the tale, a king celebrates twenty years of his reign by throwing a huge feast. A strange knight arrives, bearing a few gifts that have unique powers about them and presents them to the king. The Squire reflects how love and magic go hand in hand and that both can be very powerful. One gift in particular that the knight had brought along with him had a certain power that will bring out the honesty and trueness of certain...
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