The Spread of Viral Diseases

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Michael Chitko
Mrs. Schultz
Accelerated Biology
March 29, 2012
What ways do viral illnesses spread and How can we protect ourselves from these illnesses Have you ever got coughed on and then the next day you are at home in your bed resting because you got sick. Well, everyone probably knows what I am talking about and got sick this way at least once in their life time. Today I am here to talk about many different ways a viral illness can spread and how you can protect from it. The most common illness you hear about the most is the common cold. The cold can spread in many ways. It can spread by someone coughing or sneezing on you, but that isn’t the only way. The person with the cold can sneeze or cough in their hand. That leads to many bad things. That person that sneezed in their hand or coughed in their hand without you knowing that person can shake your hand. Throughout the day he or she will touch a phone, touch hand railings, etc. Although this is very preventable some people just don’t understand the logic behind this method. Easy actions like sneezing or coughing in your sleeve will do everyone a justice. When you do sneeze or cough in your hand that one time please just go to the bathroom and wash your hand before doing anything. So the next time you get the common cold think of other people by sneezing in your sleeve or coughing in a handkerchief. There is also simple ways of spreading the illness without you even noticing it. That is by touching food with dirty hands. The illness can spread from the intestine, this method of dirty hand can be prevented in many ways. When done with the restroom, just take a minute of your day to wash your hands. All the Mom and Dad’s that cook our delicious meals please don’t forget to wash your hands before cooking the masterpiece. Viral illnesses can also be spread from body fluids, such as blood, saliva and semen, can contain these invisible organisms. To prevent this type of spreading is very simple. Don’t share...
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