The Spread of Vernacular Languages

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  • Published : June 23, 2012
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Latin was the language that was used in the educated class and literature. This language became extremely prominent throughout Roman empires. Later, became dominated by vernacular languages which now distinguishes the different areas of the world.

The everyday language spoken by a people as distinguished from the literary language is called vernacular (2012).
The Latin language was the language that was used during the growth of the Roman states. It began to fade when the empire began to fall. Many of the people began to use their vernacular language instead (Scott, 2011).

Alfred the great in England had a great influence to get the people to return to using the old English. He wrote a ton of books during his reign as well as pieces of religion. Some examples of work utilizing old English were Beowulf as well as the Anglo Saxton Chronicles (Scott, 2011).

In France, many of the traveling entertainers and judicial would speak in their native languages. A vast majority of people used romance and would write stories and those stories would be told by musicians as they passed through in songs (Scott,2011).

As far back as the eighteenth century, Germans was using their vernacular language. The romantic language of the French was translated intot he German language during the twelfth century (Scott,2011).

In most parts of Europe by the fourteenth century had pretty much adopted the vernacular. Even though nothing official had been set or put into place in regards to the language as to how things should properly be said or written, enough of it had been written or spoken to allow something more structural to be published or understood to be the common language (Scott,2011).

During the span of the tenth through fourteenth centuries, Latin began to die out and the vernacular began to take over. There were three possible outcomes because of this happening. One, only a few would be considered...
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