The Spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire

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The Spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire

I will be discussing the length of time at which it took for Christianity to spread in the Roman Empire and how its spread was hindered by persecution from Rome.  The persecution of the Christians happened sporadically.  It was never a cause of the Romans to eliminate Christians completely.  It was an effort to preserve the Roman culture because it came under threat to Christianity.  Christianity eventually became stronger and more organized than the old Roman culture and eventually became the new Rome.  

Christianity spread through trade routes and road systems that the Romans built themselves.  One missionary, Paul, was well known for having traveled thousands of miles spreading Christianity throughout Rome.  Paul laid the foundation of Christianity in Rome.  Those who heard Christianity the most among the Romans were the poor and disenfranchised because of its simplicity and it was seductive.  It grows steadily because of its clear and practical advantages.  They were told that they were going someplace happy and they would be welcomed and they would be one of the elite in a place called heaven.  With Christianity came much speculation on behalf of many Romans.  For example, Christians believed in baptism by submerging their entire bodies underwater.  Romans would perceive this as Christians trying to drown each other.  Christians believed in calling each other brother and sister. 

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When a husband and wife would do this Romans would perceive that this was incest.   
Jesus is quoted in the bible Matthew Chap. 10  34 "Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword."  The upper class or the elite of Rome heard these things about Christianity and it was perceived that the gospel was a threat to their societies Gods and culture.  In 64 AD the Emperor of Rome, Nero, started the first persecution of the Christians when a great fire broke out and devastated...
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