The Spread of Christianity

Topics: Christianity, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: April 24, 2013
In the Roman and Byzantine Empires we are taken down a long series of paths that lead to the rise of Christianity as the leading faith. Between both of the Empires, they both encounter many wars and hardships that soon will be worth it for both. Without disciples and followers of Christ from both empires, Christianity would be at a loss for the world today.

In the beginning Roman officials were confident in allowing the societies that they had conquered to retain their own cultures and study their own faith, which for most included polytheistic religions. The head of the Christian sect was Peter; Peter was taught by Paul of Tarsus that he had experienced a vision that convinced him of the truth of Christian belief. Paul and Peter both converted from Jewish to Christianity leading and spreading the word all around Greece, Turkey, Syria, and Palestine. Many of the listeners were drawn to Christianity’s strong faith in its forgiveness of sinners who repent and the personal immortality. While spreading more and more, Christianity began to question Roman polytheism; offering converts a sense of mission and a place in god’s plan for redemption. By 250 CE fewer than 10 percent of Romans were Christians; altogether the leaders of Rome distrusted Christianity. The Christians of Rome, having no tolerance of any other Gods threatened the stability of the state. Persecutions began to take place in Rome to all Christians. Those who died during these persecutions in Rome were named Martyrs and were remembered for heroism and were used to spread the religion even farther. Unfortunately throughout the state, there were never enough attracted. But there was hope for Rome, In 312 CE When Constantine became Emperor, he legalized Christianity. He began to move the empire east from Rome to Byzantium and rebuilt a new Rome he soon called Constantinople. As Rome was beginning to lose faith in their old gods many turned toward the influence of Christianity. Soon with the support of...
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