The Split-Air Type Conditioner

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The Split-type air conditioner
Some rooms do not have external windows or walls. Difficulties arouse in creating sufficient air flow in the rooms, which can lead to discomfort for residents in terms of temperature and humidity. The split-type air conditioner can be used in these situations. Introduction:

A split air conditioning simply means that the condensor (or sometimes referred to as the “outdoor unit”) is separated from the “indoor unit”, thus the term “split”. The split air conditioning has at least one unit that sits inside your room. The compressor sits outside of the room, sometimes on the ground or on brackets hung to the wall. Some models come with multiple indoor units that will use one single compressor, this is known as the multi-split air conditioning system. In a split air conditioning system, the amount of cold air entering the room can he controlled by a thermostat or it can be regulated by an infra-red remote control, like a TV remote. One room or one area of a building can maintain a different temperature from another room or area in the same building. Split air conditionings are the perfect solution for spot cooling - for example, in residential houses where only certain rooms are required to be cooled at certain times like a living room during the day and a bedroom at night but also in large structures like retail stores and supermarkets, where spot cooling is essential in areas which can be either too hot or too cold. (

Fig. 1: Exsample of an “outdoor unit” together with the “indoor unit” and an infra-red remote control. The Split type air conditioning units have become very popular and have dominated the market in recent years. They are available with the indoor unit mounted on the wall, into the ceiling space, under the ceiling or on the floor.(Alexander, 2008)

A Split system may be used when the home has a forced warm-air furnace with a blower and a duct work. In a split system, the cooling coil evaporator is mounted in the furnace plenum, or in the supply trunk, while most other major components are placed outdoors.(Schueman, 1992)

How the system works:
Inverter air conditioning systems can effectively control the temperature from the air flow to maintain temperature in a room , rather than the unwanted effect of fluctuating temperatures occurring inside the rooms. This process can be subjected due to the technology of controlling the compressor speed in the outdoor units. Before split systems can be bought an important factor to consider is the amount of work that the system will be performing. The system may be intended for smaller areas in some rooms and much larger areas in other spaces like the open plan living areas. The result of not planning properly is the ineffective use of systems by using too much electricity for one system, and finally an excessive operating cost, or not using the system adequately to accommodate the whole intended area resulting in discomfort for the people in the room. (Tonna heating and cooling, 2009)

Design of the Long-life split unit :
The design of the split unit (for long life purposes), include the following: * Corrosion is a problem that any air conditioning system must be able to endure, the fact that water is used in the systems to cool the air is the reason why corrosion exists. The system is accordingly made of stainless steel to resist the negative effects of corrosion.

* Because the air consists of a variation of particles ( including dust ) , the system has to be able to eliminate the dust or the design has to accommodate the dust in such a way that it will not affect the workability or cause any damage to the appliance. In conclusion to the above mentioned , the establishment of the use of condensers and evaporators (that will eliminate dust and sand grouping together when they pass through the fins) was made. The fins used will be spaced at wide enough...
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