The Spirit of Ultimate Frisbee

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  • Published : February 20, 2012
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The Spirit of Ultimate Frisbee

I think that the “Spirit of the game” in Frisbee refers to the overall fairness of the sport. The responsibility of the game lies in the players themselves. The best way that this is displayed is in the foul calling system. First, the fouled player has to call a foul under fair circumstances, if there is no foul on the play, the players are not supposed to call fouls. Also the player that causes the foul is not supposed to argue or disagree, but accept the call and move on with the game.

I think that the “Spirit of the Game” could also affect many sports such as basketball, tennis, and especially soccer. Basketball is a simple enough sport that can incorporate the value of trust into it. If every player only runs, scores, and shoots, then there should be no use for fouls. If a person fouls, then the other player can accept it, and the fouled player can take a foul shot. In tennis there is not much use for calls or fouls anyway, so if a tennis player was to cause a bad play, then he could admit to it, resulting in the other player’s ball, or gaining of points. Since soccer is also a simple sport, a player only needs to run, pass, and shoot. If a foul was to be committed, then again, the other player could accept it, and the fouled player would receive a penalty shot or other penalty.

I feel that the “Spirit of the Game” in Ultimate Frisbee is a very good way to play the game. It prevents the inconvenience of relying on a referee, and makes the game go smoothly. Not requiring a referee is especially helpful when Ultimate Frisbee is being played among friends or family members. It is also a good game to teach kids because it teaches them good life values, like being fair and honest.
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