The Sperm and the EGG

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  • Published: November 15, 2013
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The Sperm and the Egg
Teri Holland-Hill
October 27, 2013
Kaiewa Muranaka
The Sperm and the Egg

This is the story of Sergei the sperm and Weva the egg
and the journey they must embark upon in order to create a new life. The journey will be long and treacherous for both of them, but the one shining goal here is for Sergei to prove he is the fastest swimmer, and can deliver his package to Weva. Sergei the sperm lives in Testes in the neighborhood of Scrotum. He is planning a trip from Vas Deferens located in the city of Epididymis. He always wanted to travel, and now that he is mature enough, he is embarking upon his journey. His mission is to find and rendezvous with Weva the egg so that they may join, and create a living, breathing, thinking human being. Sergei the sperm is excited to begin his journey after maturing for 72 days, and after four weeks of inactivity in the epididymis parking lot. If he is the fastest, and navigates the best, he will beat out his 400 million brothers to the finish line. He carries with him the genetic codes and half of the chromosomes, and genetic markers, which will form the physical and psychological characteristics of the baby to be born. He and his fellow aquanaut brothers will all be loaded into the ship. The journey will be hazardous, and many of them will die. Once ejaculated from their galaxy, their course must be true to enter the target galaxy. As they are waiting to launch, there is a sudden shift, and the force begins to build. The pressure becomes enormous as the countdown progresses. This is where the testes and the penis are stimulated allowing the blood to flow from the corpora cavernosa, and the corpus spongiosum into the penis, which then becomes engorged and stiff. This is an erection, and when this takes place Sergei the sperm, and his aquanaut brothers will be ready to begin their travel through the seminal vesicles (small glands) to the main carrier port known as the...
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