The Sperm and the Egg - Silly Story for Psy/265

Topics: Sperm, Semen, Uterus Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: July 1, 2012
The Sperm and the Egg
Felicia Felix
December 4, 2011
Professor Tiffany Hamlett

This is the journey of the white knight, Sperm, and his princess, Egg, on their journey to Castle infundibulum, which is the outer part of the fallopian tube, and the land of the uterus. With their arrival, it will be decided whether they will become a male or female embryo and in turn that embryo will become a baby! Princess Egg has waited a long time and looked forward for her white knight to find her. It is fate that the two will meet, because there are so many in their homes that it is only chance that they combine. We will be starting out with the princess in her home in the ovary, while the knight is starting out in the testicle.

My goodness, how the princess even managed to get around in her home is just a question in itself. There are hundreds of thousands of eggs, but after puberty only a few hundred actually survive. Only those few ripen into ova and wait to see who get chosen to be the Princess of the land. Egg was able to be chosen to become Princess and to turn into an ovum, finally being released into the fallopian tube; travel here takes quite a bit of time which is why ovulation happens two weeks before menstruation. The fallopian tube is 4 inches long, but has many different parts and is home to many cilia, who are the peasants of the kingdom. They assist in the journey, by helping to push her along to the final resting spot where she will wait for her knight to save her. He only has two days to make his treacherous journey so that they can travel to the castle to complete the final leg of their lives together or else she will not be able to become fertilized. At that point she would end up being lost and subjected to menstruation, in which she would be expelled from the vagina and another Princess would need to be chosen for the journey.

As for the knight, he is starting out in a 72 day process called...
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