The Speed of Trust Reflection Paper

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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Trust had many meaning. Nowadays not only money is hard to get or achieve but also trust. Trust means confidence. When we trust people, we have confidence in them – in their integrity and in their abilities. When we distrust people, we are suspicious of them. The difference between high and low-trust relationships is palpable! In a high-trust relationship, we can say the wrong thing, and people will still understand us. In a low-trust relationship, despite precise communication, people will still misinterpret us. Relationships of all kinds are built on and sustained by trust. They can also be broken and destroyed by lack of trust. Trust in others depends on how much we trust ourselves. If we can’t trust ourselves, we’ll have a hard time trusting others. This personal incongruence is often the source of our suspicions about others. We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior. This is why, one of the fastest ways to restore trust is to make and keep commitments to ourselves and to others. Trust affects two outcomes – speed and cost. When trust goes down, speed will also go down and costs will go up. When trust goes up, speed will also go up and costs will go down. Trust has two dimensions – character and competence. Character is a constant. It’s necessary for trust under any circumstances. Competence is situational. It depends on what the circumstances require. In trusting people there are 13 behaviors. Behavior # 1: Talk Straight say what you really want to the person. Behavior # 2: Demonstrate Respect give respect to his/her opinion. We must show respect, fairness, kindness, love, and civility to individuals. Behavior #3: Create Transparency. Behavior # 4: Right Wrongs. Behavior # 5: Show Loyalty. Behavior # 6: Deliver Results. Behavior #7: Get Better Behavior # 8: Confront Reality. Behavior # 9: Clarify Expectations. We must make sure we thoroughly understand the expectation. If we really want to build trust, we have...
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