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Topics: Sparta, Battle of Thermopylae, Army Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: June 27, 2011
The Spartan army. So many things have been said about them, so many historians and influential writers have praised them, but are they really the ultimate fighting force so many have told us to be? Well, through recent research and studying of sources, we can tell you that they were the ultimate fighting force, and during this segment, you will see exactly how they were.

The Spartan citizens devoted their lives to training for the army, from even when the boys were born, they were either killed if they thought the boy wouldn’t be fit enough or make it through the first stage of their training for the army. At the age of seven, the boys would be taken from their mothers, a truly harsh thing for a mother to go through and then from there on in, they would train day in and day out to make sure that they could fulfil a role in this legendary and fearful Spartan army.

The army had one of the most reliable fighting formations, the phalanx, with the most dedicated and focused soldiers the ancient world had ever seen, the hoplites of Sparta, making them the most feared opponent. Even Sparta’s enemies respected their military prowess. From this statement, it is almost proof of how ultimate they really were.

Hoplites were the heavily armed infantry of the Greek states. The bronze figure of a Spartan hoplite shows us that they were to wear a crimson cloak and groomed hair, Lycourgas also stated the details about the cloak and hair. No hoplites fought as an individual, but instead they fought as one strong and mighty unit. Cavalry in Sparta was uncommon, and the only ones who road horses were the rich. Sparta also didn’t have archers, as they saw this as cowardly not to fight hand to hand.

The Spartan soldiers took pride in how they presented themselves. Xenophon told of how the Spartan hoplites had too look before entering battle. It was considered a bad omen to not sacrifice a she-goat before entering war and if the soldiers didn’t polish their weapons...
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