The Spanish Civil War

Topics: Spanish Civil War, World War II, Fascism Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: February 24, 2013
The Spanish Civil War
Spanish civil war began on 17 July 1936 and ended on 1 April 1939 between the Republicans and the Nationalists to wrest the dominated power. When progressive Popular Front government was elected in February 1936, Nationalists gathered to plan resistance and they were led by Francisco. The rebel force predicted that the war would end with a victory quickly and take the entire country. However, that was their miscalculation; the war spent much time than their expectation, and they got the Republicans’ withstanding strongly and violently. While the Spanish war happening, Hitler was carrying on his anti- Semitic after establishing his dictatorship in 1933. Standing the Spanish civil war, all countries in Europe were called not to intervene in the Spanish Civil War because they were afraid that World War II could happen. As a result, in September 1936, a Non-Intervention Agreement was passed and signed by 27 countries including Germany, Britain, France, the Soviet Union and Italy. Therefore, the war consisted of large numbers of non-Spanish citizens. The main player was the Republicans and the Nationalists in Spain, both of sides used diplomacy to appeal the foreign assistances. The nationalism looked for assistances from fascist dictatorships in Italy, Germany, Portugal, and they soon received the supports from Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, and Antonio Salazar. Besides, the Republican was supported from The International Brigade as the Soviet Union and Mexico, Britain, France. Therefore, beside the main players, other players were democratic side and fascist side in the world. German helped the nationalism so much and it provided military and weapon for the nationalism. And the purpose of these assistances was that German wanted to use the Spanish battlefield as a false battle which it could practice, experiment its strategy and weapons. Italy, after being encouraged by Adolf Hitler and requested by Francisco Franco, it agreed to joined...
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