The Spanish and English Empires

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  • Published : October 7, 2012
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Spanish and English Empires
During much of the 1500’s European nations began efforts to colonize the Americas (or the New World). Their goal, as stated in The Enduring Vision, was not only to seek wealth and power but they also wanted to make it their mission to introduce Christianity and “civilization” to the “savages” and “pagans” (p. 29). The two main European Nations that left most of an impact in the Americas was Spain and Britain. Britain mainly colonized the Northeastern region and Spain focused on the Southwest area. Due to the differences between the two regions a comparison between the Spanish and English colonizing efforts would mainly result in differences, however there are a couple of similarities in which I will explain.

The Spanish as well as the English nations began their colonizing efforts in attempt the find gold, glory and god. Both empires liked wealth and figured the new world would give it to them. They wanted to find locations that were rich in natural resources and with versatile materials as well as a passage to the Indies. Although the English never found actual gold the Spanish succeed. That success continued the Spanish colonization for years to come. The European nations were also always in competition. Each felt that they were the dominant countries and there for deserved to conquer the Americas. The Spanish and English nations wanted to outmaneuver each other in North America (p. 44). In fact, one of England’s objectives going into their America colonization was to “singe the king of Spain’s beard” (p. 44). Not only did the Europeans want wealth and power, they also made it their mission to introduce Christianity and “civilization” to the “savages” and “pagans” of alien lands (p. 30). The Spanish were able to succeed at their conversions for the most part. According to The Enduring Vision, by the 1700s the Spanish missionaries’ traders and soldiers were spreading European influence will beyond the range of Europeans colonies...
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