The Sources of Recruitment

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Q.1. List and explain the sources of recruitment?
Recruiting is the process of generating a pool of qualified applicants for employment. Employers use various techniques to fill vacancies that require specific knowledge, skill and abilities. The demand labour changes and the numbers of people looking for jobs change over time. This change makes recruitment a continuous process, whether to fill vacancies or to beef up the numbers in response to organisational growth. The environment in which recruitment takes place is known as the labour market. There are not one but several labour markets where recruitment or employment takes place. For sustainable employment and for a good pool from which to recruit, an appropriate recruitment strategy must be put in place. This strategy helps management in deciding where to recruit, who to recruit and what the job requirements will be. One important thing which this strategy helps management to do is to make the decision of whether to recruit from internal or external sources. The internal sources are readily available to an organization since the organization needs not spend lots of money in prospecting for people.

The internal and external sources of recruitment in an organization are listed below. |INTERNAL SOURCES |EXTERNAL SOURCES | |Promotions |Advertisement | |Transfers |Schools, colleges and Professional institutes | |Upgrading |Placement agencies/ outsourcing | |Demotion |Employment exchanges | |Retired employees |Job portals and Job Sites | |Dependents and relatives of deceased employees |Professional placement organisation or recruiting firms | | |Employee Referrals | | |Casual applicants | | |Unsolicited applications | | |Contractual staffing | | |Voluntary organisation |

Internal Recruitment
Internal recruitment is a process of recruiting people internally within the organization. Internal sources of recruitment are:
• Present permanent employees (based on programs of career development). • Present temporary / casual employees.
• Retired employees.
• Dependents of deceased disabled,
|There are situations when ex-employees provide unsolicited applications also. | | |In most instances, the jobs are posted on the employee intranet portal, notice boards, and in the company newspapers. The posting period is| | |usually between 2-3 weeks, with the final decision for hiring being completed within 4-6 weeks. Internal applications are usually open to | | |all employees with a few restrictions such as tenure within the company and poor performance issues if...
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