The Sound of Thunder Comparison

Topics: Time, Future, Present Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: October 17, 2012
The Sound of Thunder Comparison
The world of the future changed by 1.3 grams! This Essay is about comparing and contrasting the book to the movie. Ray Bradbury was the author of this story. There are many differences in the story and movie from the guns, the future, the past, and even the characters themselves. There are considerable contrasts between the book and the movie, there are two different perspectives with two different main characters.

In the book it says nothing about the owner of Time Safari Inc, but in the movie we see a wealthy man named Charles Hatton. Mr. Hatton isn’t the nicest person in the world. All he wants is the money. He does not care how it is done or what it takes. He turned off the Bio filter, the main machine that helps stop from bringing organic material back from the past. In the original story there was not a bio filter. There was nothing stopping the people from bringing anything back.

In the book at the ending Travis shoots Eckles. Travis shoots him because of what he did. Eckles in his confusion walked off the path. He ruined the present and future by doing so. The movie however Travis did not shoot Eckles. They did not know that someone had stepped off the path. They only knew something was wrong. They later found out that Eckles was not the one who stepped off the path. In reality no one stepped off the path but Eckles friend Middleton stepped on a butterfly in the movie.

In the book they did not try to change anything at all. Travis knew Eckles had done something, and promised him he would shoot him if when they got back he had changed the present. In the movie however they knew what they had done and ended up trying to fix what they had caused. Travis did not say he would shoot Eckles because they didn’t put two and two together. In the end of the movie they finally were able to save the world and shut down Time Safari Inc. Eckles is the main character in the book, up in the movie it is changed around and it is now...
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