The Sound of Silence Poem Analysis

Topics: Meaning of life, Sound, Ear Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: October 1, 2011
Analyzing “The Sound of Silence”
The song “The Sound of Silence” can be interpreted in different ways, but has an overall constant tone of being depressed and weary throughout all of the five stanzas. In the first stanza, the narrator may have had a nightmare previously and is turning for darkness to comfort him. It seems as if he wants to keep this awful dream secret “within the sound of silence”. This line may also suggest that he is scared or fears something terrible will happen in the future when the narrator’s feelings are very gloomy and says “a vision is softly creeping”. Inside the second stanza, the narrator talks about another dream he is having and in that dream a light that “split the night” touches ‘the sound of silence’. After stanza 2, the narrator sights and starts talking to 10,000 people or more. The people are giving away actions that are as loud as words could be, but are not disturbing or breaking the sound of silence. This may suggest that some of the people are walking around not looking directly at him or showing that they have no interest in the narrator at all. Also, in stanza three, the people can hear him, but are not listening. These words, hearing and listening, mean two different things. When you are hearing something, you use your ears to perceive sound waves; when you are listening, you are consciously concentrating to grasp the meaning of the sound waves so the brain can then interpret the words or store it inside its memory. Not one of the persons dares to show or speak any form of successful communication. During stanza four, the narrator becomes enraged and offended (when he calls them “Fools”) by the people who do not simply care for the meaning of his words and do not give him a chance to reach them or teach them. Again, his words were still ignored by all of the 10,000+ people. His voice was a resemblance to an echo “in the wells of silence”. Stanza five is about the many people that bowed and praised...
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