The Sorts of Problems That Might Occur When Supporting Learning Activities

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  • Published : May 19, 2012
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The sorts of problems that might occur when supporting learning activities and how to deal with these .

While I am supporting learning activities, I come across many potential problems, including:

Insufficient resources

A learning task usually requires resources such as pencils, paper, worksheets, math’s apparatus, paint pots, paint brushes etc... If there are not enough resources for each child then the learning activity could be disrupted because someone would have to leave the room to collect more resources, which wastes valuable learning time.

One way to prevent this from happening is by collecting enough resources for the day to go around. It is also important to check that equipment is safe and working and that nothing is broken in any way and that I am aware of how to use it safely.

The learning environment

If children are working on an activity that requires a lot of space, such as painting and there is not enough room for them to have access to the paint, then they may quickly lose their focus on the task, so it is essential that I ensure there is enough room for them and the equipment. One way of dealing with problems like this is to have a special painting table for a group of children to use, whilst the other children are doing a different activity and wait for their turn with the paints.

A lot of noise will be a distraction whether it is from other children in the room, from some kind of outside disturbance such as grass cutting, or from a different area of the school such as the corridor or small hall. I deal with these situations by reminding the children to work as quietly as possible, and by shutting windows and doors to minimize the disruption.

Pupil’s ability to learn

If any children are not focused on the task due to poor behavior then I intervene straight away, and I always praise good behavior using points, stickers and telling the class teacher how well they have done, in accordance with the school behavior...