The Sons Vito

Topics: Victorian era, Social class, Working class Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: October 14, 2010
The Son’s Vito

The story was written in the Victorian era of Britain on the bases of their social class. During this period of time men and women were considered to have certain which they would stick to strictly. Men were expected to be much higher educated than women although it was only high class citizen that were educated at all. There was a strong division amongst the Victorian society, the upper class and the lower class. The lower class was thought to be considerably subservient to the upper class. Upper class citizens were known as Lady’s and Gentlemen depending on their sex. The lower class was often exploited by the upper class for work purposes. It was frowned upon for the two classes to socialize although this was inevitable as servants would have to communicate with their master.

The main character in The Sons Vito, Sophie, finds herself in a complicated situation she is stuck between the two classes. She was born lower class and later became servant to a vicar. Whom in turn she then became married to, this ment that she was though of as being a Lady although she feels no sense of belonging to the upper class and has not been brought up to behave in a manor of witch a lady would be expected to behave in.

Ironically the story reflects the life of it author, Thomas Hardy who was also born lower class as his father was a builder and his mother was a servant. Thomas Hardy became upper class in the minds of some as he was educated to a high standard and also possessed great intelligence allowing him to excel as a poet and a novelist but, because of his lower class background he was not accepted by some and so never really felt as if he was part of the upper class.

Randolph, Sophie’s son to the vicar is bigheaded and snobbish. He attends a “great public school” where he learns to associate with the high class citizens and develops a stuck up attitude towards those of a lower class to himself. Early on in the story Randolph rather rudely...
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