The Song of Lawino

Topics: Woman, Elaine Benes, Wife Pages: 2 (800 words) Published: December 13, 2012
The song of Lawino speaks about a wife Lawino, who argues her husband Ocol about his bad behaviour to her and his tribe. Firstly we will see Lawino’s strengths and weaknesses in her song, secondly Ocol’s strengths and weaknesses in his answer. The story of this couple was at the colonial period .When Africa was colonised, that’s when all begin. Ocol started to follow the colonisers, whose leaded him to despise his tribe his wife his way of life. Ocol was comparing his wife to dirty things like pit and rubbish. That’s when Lawino started explain to her clansmen the situation she said: My clansmen, I cry/ listen to my voice/ The insults of my man /Are painful beyond bearing (p'bitek, the song of lawino 171).She couldn’t take it anymore .She broke her silence and tells the clansmen what’s going on in her house . that is to mean that those insults made her weak till she couldn’t keep them between her and her husband .She started complaining to the clansman and tell you what’s you’re chief are doing in certain way. But after that, she didn’t keep just complaining, she started to insult him with a strongly way she said: My friend was a man then / he had not yet become a woman (p'bitek, the song of lawino 174).I think this one is very strong, telling him that he become a woman. And she didn’t tell him that directly and when they were alone. She insulted him in front of the whole village. She didn’t get enough with that. Also she comp aired him to a dog she said: You may not know this / You may not feel so, / But you behave like/A dog of the white man! (p'bitek, the song of lawino). You may not see or feel that is strong, because he called like that before (A puppy). But it’s not the same, because Ocol is educated, he went to the university as his wife said. The opposite of his wife who is illiterate. Also he considers himself that he is the best, because he is baptized, and knows the way of god.... So by call him a dog not only a dog, the dog of the white man. Who are...
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