The Son's Veto

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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The Son’s Veto

|Character |Trait |Quote or action | |Sophy |Kind |She took her son’s correction of her grammar and “did not resent his making it” (p47). | |(Mrs Twycott) | |She offered the vicar that she be the one to leave since he had to get rid of one of the helpers. | | | |When she talked with Sam in the cart, she was very open and not trying to be a ‘refined lady’. | | | |She worried about what her son would think if she was to marry Sam. | | | | | | | |Sophy told Sam she would stay on the vicarage, even after the passing of the vicar’s wife. | | |Loyal/devoted |She married Mr Twycott because she “dared refuse a personage so revered”. | | | |She “had a respect for him.” (p49) | | | |She kept the house for her son to have a place to come home to. | | | | | | |Thoughtful/ |She wondered if life in a cottage with Sam would have been better. | | |Reflective |She would approach her son on the subject of marrying Sam at the right moment (p54). | | | |She sympathized with the night workers when “depression and nervousness hindered sleep.” | | | | | | |Sad/lonely |She had a son that didn’t seem like her own because he was well educated and she felt that he was too caught up in his image. She thought about how happy | | | |life would be if he was less concerned about these things. | | | |She was confined to her house and would watch out the windows. When she met Sam again after many years it gave her new...
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