The Somme

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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The Somme
The Somme happened on July 1st 1916, the British had 57,470 casualties on the first day alone. The army dropped shells on the German lines for a week. The men went over the top and walked towards the German line, only to find out that the Germans had not died. The men were shot down and they did not manage to advance forward. In 1915, Marshal Jofre came to an agreement with the British Commander in Chief, General Sir Douglas Haig, to support a large joint offensive at the Somme. The Germans new that the opposing army was getting stronger, they needed a decisive victory. They knew that this would boost the confidence of the German army. They decided to surge their work in Verdun. They knew that if they destroyed the town of such importance, it would ruin the assuredness of the French army. The French brought in more and more troops and that ment that there would be fewer soldiers for the Somme offensive. The French lost at Verdun and 400,000 casualties occurred. After this, the French high command decided to bring the Somme battle forward. The armies were not ready but they had no choice. On the last week of June the artillery bombardment started and 15 British divisions were lined up with 5 French divisions. The bombardment was meant to annihilate the German line. The Germans hid in bunkers and were not greatly affected by the artillery and one third of all them were duds and did not explode. Some of the shells where designed to cut the barbed wire and ease getting into the German trenches. Unfortunately they proved unsuccessful from aerial reports, yet they still proceeded. The troops dug underground to the German lines and planted explosives. The mines were meant to detonate just before zero hour (0730), but the phone lines to the allies were tapped and they found out the whereabouts of them and cleared the areas out. Then to make matters worse, one of the mines was accidentally triggered ten minutes early. One of the main problems was the soldiers...
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