The Solution to Unemployment

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  • Published : April 10, 2012
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Unemployment in Nigeria is one of the critical and major problem the country faces in its present years. This has actually contributed to numbers of societal malaises among Nigerians and can be traced to the malfeasances of all the governments that have been ruling Nigeria since independence. BY Perhaps, this is also due to the inferiority complex nature of a black man to the superiority of others. This problem has gone far worse than minds could in imagine putting lots of people under condition of abstract poverty, rendering some homeless and also taken opportunities and chances away. A country whereas 50% of its working population is unemployed, that is so outrageous. It is shocking to know that a country blessed resources, both human and material has to go through this menace. Looking at this situation at hand a line has to be drawn. The solution to unemployment in Nigeria is education. Singapore has the best student in the world why [1]? They employ the best college graduate, to be teachers in the primary schools. In order to reduce unemployment of graduates the Nigerian government should employ these graduates as school teachers and pay them heavily. Taking a close look at some of the public schools in Nigeria, you discover that it is filled up with pathetic and unqualified teachers. Majority of them can’t even speak good English and for some reason they partake in educating our kids at school. The government should take off these teachers and replace them with the best university graduates. We notice that Nigerian citizens can be categorized into two groups, the educated and the uneducated citizens. We cannot leave the uneducated people aside. The solution for them is talent, if the government can’t make available jobs for these groups of people they should help develop their talent which can serve as a means of employment. Programs should be organized in every community to build the talent; these can also create more job opportunities for others. Another...
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